Knowledge security is our mission’s mission is to promote freedom, integrity and openness of scientific research in Europe by providing easy access to relevant information, documents and support tools. As scientific knowledge is an extremely important resource for societal development as well as political and economic stability of a society it must be protected.

Scientific knowledge is an essential resource of society. Science is a fundamental engine of our democracy and must be protected from undue influence, censorship, loss of knowledge or manipulation.

Why does exist?

Because it is needed. Due to increasing intergovernmental competition in research and innovation and the growing politicisation of research and education, there is a need to protect one’s scientific and innovative capacities more strongly.

Knowledge security approaches are being developed in the USA, Canada, Australia as well as the Netherlands. There are also initiatives by the European Commission, OECD and the G7.

For the average European STI stakeholder, it is almost impossible to keep track of different activities and approaches, to understand the used terminology, or select the right information and tools. As a research management agency, it is however part of our day-to-day business to do so. With we make our knowledge accessible and transparent. We offer a comprehensive compilation of relevant topics in the context of knowledge security for European STI stakeholders. We provide practical assistance for the research and education actors and fill gaps in this ever-evolving field through the development of tools.

Who is behind

The website content and the analytic research is developed by one of the major research management agencies in Europe – DLR Project Management Agency based in Germany. We act as a bridge between political stakeholders on national, European and multilateral level and actors from research, education and innovation.

What is aiming at?

  1. Safeguard responsible conduct of research
  2. Enable evidence-based international cooperation
  3. Provide practical guidance, taking Europe´s diversity into account’s mission is to promote freedom, integrity and openness of scientific research in Europe. We are committed to raising awareness on knowledge security and advocate for policies and regulations that support a secure and resilient knowledge ecosystem. We provide easy access to relevant information, documents and support tools. Our ultimate goal is to maximise the benefits of scientific knowledge sharing and international collaboration while minimising the risks and potential damages. serves as trusted and respected source on knowledge security issues for the European scientific community.