New study on causes, correlations and effects of risks in international research cooperation available

April 2, 2024
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What exactly are risks in international research cooperation?

The DLR Project Management Agency asked risk analysts from the field of environmental research to use their risk analysis tools to examine research collaboration.

Guidelines and statements published in recent years have identified a wide range of risks for research actors in Europe. These risks need to be identified and mitigated or, if possible, eliminated. However, risk minimisation measures can only be implemented if the individual risks are described in detail. In this analysis, we attempt to unravel the complex challenges of global research partnerships and the complex web of potential risks in international research.

The study examines different types of risk, from unintended knowledge transfer to external influences on collaboration, and provides insight into the potential hazards of cross-border research initiatives.

Tables annexed to the analysis provide a concrete working tool: Specific risk types, risk indicators and possible actions are identified. The document can be used as an additional factual basis for discussions on risk assessment.