Advocating for the safeguarding of knowledge’s mission is to promote freedom, integrity and openness of scientific research in Europe by providing easy access to relevant information, documents and support tools. Scientific knowledge is an extremely important resource and must be protected.

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New study on causes, correlations and effects of risks in international research cooperation available

In this analysis, we attempt to decipher the complex challenges in global research partnerships and the intricate web of potential risks in international research. Tables in the appendix of the analysis provide a concrete working aid. Specific risk types, risk indicators and possible measures are identified. 

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OPERATE is online! Assess risks and opportunities for research cooperation

OPERATE is a methodical framework and online application developed by the DLR Projektträger. It is designed to involve scientists and researchers in the assessment of opportunities and risks when collaborating with international partners.

Knowledge security provides a comprehensive compilation of relevant topics in the context of knowledge security for European education, science, technology and innovation stakeholders.


Application for the scientific community to assessopportunities and risks in research projects


Overview of terms, their definitions and related sources regarding knowledge and research security


Summary of international guidelines & checklists to improve security and integrity of research